Computer Science homework help

  1. What are IT advancements and provide with one example?
  2. What are the current IT strategies and give some examples?
  3. Describe and evaluate Big Data in helping organizations solve complex problems. Describe the nature of Big Data research and give some examples of how Big Data has assisted organizations in problem solving?
  4. What is Information governance, how to implement it?
  5. Evaluate the importance of I.T. leadership and its role in helping achieve governance to help solve organizational problems?
  6. Based on your readings and research of a subset of peer-reviewed journal articles published on an aspect of information technology, evaluate the results, and identify at least two engineering and developing trends?
  7. Synthesize the research base that explores the failure of enterprise risk management (ERM) in an organization. Based on your review of peer-reviewed literature, identify the problem ERM was designed to solve, and the ending result?
  8. Analyze a situation using appropriate tools help to create value for an organization, e.g., how would ERM be used to create value for a company, discuss the effectiveness of the technology you have chosen?
  9. Discuss and evaluate the Digital Divide. How does the Digital Divide hurt or help, and as leaders, discuss if there is an ethical or moral service to lower this divide? Analyze ways that can achieved?
  10. Expand Information Sciences through advanced study?
  11. Promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills to include leadership at the organizational and system level and the ability to evaluate and improve the quality and safety of information sciences?
  12. Identify and explain three leadership models and how each influence individual behaviors in an organization?
  13. Compare contemporary any global information technology program. Describe how an organization chooses which model for implementing. For example, you could choose a global cybersecurity program, global management program, a global risk management program etc. keep the focus on a global viewpoint?
  14. Define cybersecurity and its challenges and how research you have examined will allow you to conduct independent research and help to enhance the cybersecurity field?
  15. Based on your evaluation of literature on information Technology, assess its contribution to others e.g., medical innovations, safeguards in cybersecurity. How did these advancements assist in helping others, and what results can be learned from technological advancements?
  16. What is Ethical leadership and mention its service and values.
  17. Examine the use of either a Qualitative or Quantitative study that has been done to address an Information Technology Problem in an organization. Evaluate what you believe to be the most effective approach?
  18. Write about Blockchain technology and its importance and effects in IT?
  19. What is Business Intelligence – its importance and its advancements?
  20. What is Cloud Computing and discuss its effectiveness?
  21. What is Data Science and its advancements along with importance?
  22. Describe and evaluate Data Analytics
  23. What is Ethical Hacking and how can an individual conduct it without negatively impacting the organization?
  24. What are Forensics
  25. What are Value Drivers and its impact on IT advancements?
  26. What is I.T. policy making and promote some critical thinking on it?
  27. How I.T. strategies could impact an organization growth?
  28. What are current Leadership trends?
  29. What are Big Data Analytics and evaluate its value?
  30. What is Network Technology and its current trends impacting the IT?
  31. Qualitative research articles on IT problems, give some examples?
  32. Quantitative research articles on IT problems, give some examples?
  33. What are current trending Leadership models in IT?
  34. IT impact on technological advancements?