Computer with Microsoft Office

Task Summary:

You are required to review customer complaints lodged with Capital Clean and to provide a briefing report to the General Manager about solutions.

task OVerview:

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What do I need in order to complete this assessment?

  • Computer with Microsoft Office (or similar program)
  • Access to the internet for research.

What do I need to submit?

  • No TEMPLATE will be provided. Research or use current knowledge of a briefing report format please.
  • Assessment 2 Cover sheet

what do I need to do if I get something wrong?

If your assessor sees that you have not completed all parts of the task completely and satisfactorily, the details of resubmission will be discussed with you along with feedback from your assessor. You will only need to redo the parts of the task that are incorrect, however you will need to resubmit the entire assessment again.

TASK Instructions:

Review the following outline of the issues:

In December 2019, Capital Cleaning signed up to a number of group buying websites to increase the demand for its services. There has been a marked increase in customers as a result of this, but there has also been a significantly increased number of complaints. The following complaints have been logged in the complaints register since signing up to the group buying website:
Three customers have recently called to redeem their voucher. Customer service officers have checked the vouchers and found that they are out of date. Customer service officers have therefore advised customers that as the vouchers are out of date, they are no longer able to use the vouchers. Two of the customers have complained to the Department of Fair Trading that they are unable to redeem the services paid for. Please Note that the company’s refund policy on their website does not refer to refunds in relation to vouchers. Two customers have complained that they had to wait too long to redeem their vouchers for an introductory clean. This is because in signing up to group buying, the demand for services resulted in delays. A customer called to complain that they had paid for an introductory clean but on calling to book the service, were told that that the voucher only covered a free hour of cleaning and they would have to pay the full amount, requiring the customer to pay an additional $70.

Now you have read the complaints – complete the following:

  1. Analyse and report on complex complaints.

As Business Operations Manager, you have been asked to investigate and report on these complex complaints as it appears that the company has not investigated these situations prior to signing up with the group buying website.

Your investigation should include an analysis of the legal situation, example cases and recommendations for how to avoid this situation in the future.

Develop a briefing report that addresses:

  1. Summary of the issues.
  2. Analysis of relevant legislation.
  3. Issues with use of group buying websites for businesses, including benefits and pitfalls.
  4. Recommendations for actions, including response to each of the customers, as well as recommendations that can be adopted internally to avoid this situation reoccurring.
  5. Consider all aspects of managing quality customer service that we have covered in the unit when compiling this report.
  6. Draft response to each client
  7. MINIMUM of 3 FULL pages required (anything less will be deemed not competent)
What do I need to hand in for this task? Have I completed this?
Completed briefing report