Consider An Area that You have Influence within that would Benefit from the Change Change Management Assignment, SMU

Individual assignment

In writing the final assignment you will need to consider the most relevant concepts that will assist you in a practical ‘live’ (not previously completed) change activity and apply it to a familiar organisation and the Singapore context.  For this assignment, you are asked to:

  1. Consider an area that you have influence within that would benefit from the change. It can be a familiar organization, however, you want to define that.
  2. Propose a plan for this change issue, with supporting rationale, taking into account the needs of the various stakeholders, the potential for success as well as the possibility of resistance. Providing a supporting rationale for the change is a key element of the assignment. The proposed change needs to be a live issue rather than one that is already proposed or resolved.

You may want to consider other potential factors such as:

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  • What is the scope of the change – what level of the organisation is it directed to?
  • Who or what units will be the focus and most affected by the change, how might they react and what support would you provide?
  • What are the key focal issues and level of readiness for the change?
  • What will be your approach or style of intervention?
  • How will you communicate the change?
  • What values, beliefs, and behaviours are you targeting?
  • What is the timeline for the change and is it achievable?
  • What are your recommendations and how will they be reinforced?

In doing the assignment, you may find the Blake and Mouton (1978) OD Consulcube is a useful framework. During this course, we have examined a range of topics in relation to managing change.  In writing this assignment, you will need to consider which topics that we discussed throughout the course, as well as any additional evidence, would be useful in helping you to come up with a proposal for a change initiative in a familiar organisation. Although there will be a number of relevant topics, avoid overloading the assignment with too many concepts or theories.  Instead, use those you consider most appropriate.  Additionally, use the correct citation style with the literature and include some relevant diagrams throughout.

Where relevant, you may want to use some appropriate evidence from the organisation. In addition, you may want to reference relevant Reflective Journal (RJ) entries as evidence.  Thus, you might say: as evidenced in RJ1 it can be seen that…

Note that the background information on your change plan should not be too detailed in order that you spend most of the word count on analysis and use of theories. The structure for the assignment should look something like this:

  • Executive summary of main points (100 words)
  • Introduction
  • Body of paper with relevant subheadings
  • Conclusions
  • References
  • Appendices

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