Core operational system

In recent years, sea-ice melting has enabled arctic routing of vessels (the so-called “Northwest Passage”) to begin on more predictable and practical schedules. Likewise, the widening of the Panama Canal has enabled larger vessels to transit that isthmus, providing additional options for moving cargo between Caribbean and Pacific waters. These developments have opened competitive opportunities that make previous decisions on terminal locations, vessel types, trip schedules, and pricing somewhat obsolete. Management wants to be able to evaluate, model, and redevelop overall strategies for our cargo business to take major changes like these into account.

For this assignment, document a list of the set of functions in the Cargo Management System that would be needed in order for management to evaluate options and opportunities that arise within the above scenario. Your list should include any core operational system functions that would likely be needed or implicated in such an analysis, particularly any informatics or simulation functions included in the system.

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