Corona virus and the economy



This essay will ask that you explore how a coronavirus vaccine would—and would not—change our economy.
Spending some of the paper on a general overview is fine, but the emphasis here should be on exploring the
ripple effects of a smaller number of issues comparable to what we did in class. For example, here is the
example ofa chain reaction or ripple effect that has cascaded across the economy; this is exactly what we did
with the in-class conversation about rising bacon prices. With a vaccine, state governors relax all mandates
on crowd size at restaurants, bars and sporting events.As a result, restaurants and bars hire a significant
amount of bartenders, servers and cooks.As a result, all of these workers have more money and demand
(and prices) will increase for new cars.As a result, salespeople at auto dealerships find that they are working
more than ever and are really stressed out.As a result, recreational drug use among car salespeople
skyrockets, causing demand (and prices) to increase for marijuana and heroin.As a result, demand (and
prices) will increase for drug rehab centers and counselors.As we talked about in class, there are an infinite
number of potential ripple effects to explore; fortunately, many of them will end better than the one above. Your
task is not to examine all of these possible effects; that would be an impossible paper! Rather this paper asks
that you consider a small number of them and explore how a vaccine will affect—and will not affect–our
economy and society. To those latter ends, students should address multiple ways in which a vaccine might
change our society but also take at least 1-2 paragraphs to explain ways in which it would NOT affect our
world(e.g., has education changed forever? What about movie theatres? Sporting events?); the possibilities
here are also endless.In other words, what changes brought about by the coronavirus are permanent?Be
mindful that there are no wrong answers! The point of this paper is to challenge you to think about how the
butterfly effect works in our economy. However, in exploring these causal chains, I will be evaluating whether
your claims are reasonable. While most causal links will be obvious (e.g., an increase in bar-going will result in
a need for more bartenders), students are encouraged to explain any step that may be u

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