Covid-19 and anxiety

A “bullet points” list of key findings you learned from your initial brief review of the literature on your topic
After each major findings, be sure you list the name of the researchers and the year of publication (Citation info
should “match” the abstracts you submit for this week’s work.)
Attach this list to your collection of abstracts that are also due this week.the paper Intro (be sure it does a good
job of “hooking” your reader or selling the importance of your topic)
a properly crafted lit review (review class notes on how to do this and follow model presented in class). Note
that this final draft should extend beyond your initial draft–you should be incorporating/distilling about 10-15
articles in your review.
use the model reviewed in class to write a methods section that contains a paragraph on your sampling
strategy (and limitation), a paragraph for your major index, a paragraph for measures of your social issue, and
a paragraph devoted to your “also” variables on your survey

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