Create A Google Survey

Video Instructions for help:


You are the owner of a Coffee Shop, Mom & Dad’s Coffee House. You will create a Survey in Google Forms. You are creating a Survey for your Mom & Dad’s Coffee House website.

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This assignment will measure the following:

  1. Understand, Follow, & Apply the Directions and Tutorial
  2. Create & Prepare a Survey for Customers
  3. Develop Relevant Questions for Customer and Potential Customers
  4. Determine a Relevant Theme, Background Color, and Image for the Survey
  5. Collect Email Addresses for the Survey
  6. Critique the Survey by Applying Limits
  7. Evaluate the Questions Asked
  8. Identify the Correct URL to Post

The requirements are as follows:

  1. The name of the Survey is “Website Survey” worth 14.28%
  2. The description is “A survey for a website” worth 14.28%
  3. Your goal is to determine why customers come to your Coffee House.
    1. You must develop the type of questions you want to ask the customer (refer to survey best practices) worth 14.28%
  4. Choose any theme and background color you prefer worth 14.28%
  5. Upload an image of your choice worth 14.28%
  6. Collect email addresses on your Survey worth 14.28%
  7. A person who receives the Survey should only be able to reply once. So, limit the reply response to 1.