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Directions: In this class, “Create-A-Question” CAQ assignments are designed to help you synthesize and apply the knowledge you’re gaining in this class.By practicing writing a test question, you are ensuring you really understand the material. Please be creative and stick to the themes, content, and concepts of Modules 9 – 11 of our course. 

Once you complete this assignment, you will be able to see other folks’ responses – and it can serve as a great review for you as you prepare for Exam 3 in a few weeks!

To earn full credit for this assignment, you will need to:
(1) develop a multiple-choice question, including a short prompt and at least 4 possible answers, covering any material in Modules 5 through 8 (3 pts) (Please stick to the new materials covered in this second portion of the course to earn this full point)
(2) indicate which multiple-choice question is correct by bolding or highlighting the correct response (1 pt)
(3) explain briefly why this answer is correct (1 pt)

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Feeling stumped on what topics you could use for your questions?

Look through our worksheets, videos, textbook, extra readings, and reflect on the themes from our active learning quizzes.