Creating a Marketing Plan




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FOR POWERPOINT: Develop and execute a Marketing Plan that will create and launch an apparel line through a selected retail firm, or other retailing channels to a targeted consumer. The execution of this business plan will take place as you make a presentation of your line to retail store buyers or to the merchandisers in your own company, if you work for a Zara, J.Crew, Victoria’s Secret, LuLu Lemon or Nike.

Requirements for the Sales Call

Presentation Boards ie. Trend
Mood, Theme or Inspiration
The Collection (Styling Board)

These boards can be done by actually putting pictures on boards and pictures taken of these, or by Power point presentations of the Trends, Mood and Collection, as taken from WGSN or any fashion magazine.

You are to do a Power Point showing your three boards such as 1- the Trend Board ( shape/silhouette, color, texture, details, era, era, cosmetics, and accessories), 2- Mood ( also called Theme or Inspiration what is your inspiration, mood or theme of your Spring 2021 line. Is it roses, the sea, travel, Italian churches or mountains?) board, 3- and your Collection ( Styling Board).

With the creation of your line, you may draw your line, or take pictures of other lines and then curate your collection. Please give credit to the companies, where you have used their designs. On the Collection board, please put the price point of each piece and the retailer you have chosen. Your line can be anything that you chose. It can be dresses, bridal, aerobicwear, jeans and tops, lingerie and swim, to name a few options.

Marketing Plan to Include

• Your name and title

• Your company name.

If you are creating your own company, just chose your own company name. If you work for Ralph Lauren, or a similar brand you might be in their “wholesaling “ division, where you sell other stores like Bloomingdales or Macy’s .You might be in the area where you are merchandising your own stores.

• The retailer’s name or alternate channel of distribution

• The targeted customer

• Your merchandising themes, trends and directions (with trend, mood and styling boards)

• Your product line with style names

• Your positioning statement vs. the competition

• Price points

• The Close -Present a compelling summation of why the retailer and targeted consumer should buy, or adopt internally your line, given the styling, direction, price points, and positioning. Positioning or differentiation is how you are going to be different then your competition. How is Sephora different from Macy’s in cosmetics? How is Lu Lu Lemon different from Nike?

If your retailer sells only under their own brand ie Forever 21, Urban Outfitters or Zara, your Marketing Plan would take the form of an internal merchandising presentation, as you would present your line to upper management for their own adoption for Spring 2020.





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