Creating Public Value

Human services professionals actively participate in program and organizational planning to consider what can be accomplished in the here and now. Strategic planning,

on the contrary, projects what can be accomplished in the future. The difference is significant. By projecting into the future, strategic planners must consider some

factors that exist today as well as social, economic, and political factors and strengths and weaknesses that concern the program or organization into the future. As a

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multidisciplinary activity, strategic planning relies on critical thinking, learning, and action initiated by strategic planners.

Based on your readings of Bryson, UNESCO, and Webster this week, discuss the role of strategic planning in human services as a method for creating public value by a

government, for-profit, nonprofit, or mixed (hybrid) organization. In the UNESCO reading, pay special attention to Part 1, “Origin and History” and Part 2, “Concept

and Characteristics” (pages 7–13). While the UNESCO working paper is designed to address education, the planning approach for human services and education are very


Your post must:

Be at least 250 words.
Contain a minimum of one reference with citation in APA style.
Follow APA style guidelines.

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