Criminological theory

Choose one of the following questions:
-If you were to choose a theory that is the most applicable to what you observe/are exposed to in your daily life, what theory would it be and why?
-Why do theories have to be falsifiable? Do all theories have similar theoretical strengths?
-What purpose do theories in criminology serve? Provide and discuss an example(s) where criminal theories have pushed the envelope further in the
field of Criminology.
-Compare and contrast theories from the Classical School and the Positive School. Which theories/Schools of Thought are more prevalent/in use
-How do theories and thoughts from the Classical School manifest themselves in today’s U.S. Criminal Justice System? Provide examples and make
the connection to the tenets of the Classical School.
-How do theories and thoughts from the Positive School engender some of the policies, proceedings, laws, conducts, etc. that make up our U.S.
Criminal Justice System today? Provide examples and make the connections to the tenets of the Positive School.
-Considering the elements of the Chicago School, do you think Burgess’s concept of concentric zones could be applied to Miami? Why or why not?
Use/apply the concepts from Burgess’s concentric zone model to explain your reasoning.
-Considering today’s current state of affairs, what are some examples of cultural conflict? State the example(s) and explain the situation through
applying the tenets of Cultural Conflict Theory.

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