Cryptography tool

Write 400–600 words that respond to the following questions:

  • What are cryptography and cryptanalysis?
  • What is earlier reason for the use of cryptography?
  • Fermat’s theorem and Euler’s theorem are the two theorems that play important roles in public-key cryptography. Explain each theorem in details their roles in public-key cryptography.
  • Explain the Chinese Remainder Theorem that have been discovered by the Chinese mathematician Agrawal in 100 A.D.

Please note:

  • Be in APA format including your references.
  • Be 400–600 words long (not including title and references).
  • Do not re-state the questions.
  • Include two sources (i.e. two references).


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Use the Library and other internet resources to research for information about the history of Cryptography. Write a 2–4 pages research paper answering these questions.

  • List and describe a few major applications of cryptography in the modern world?
  • hat are the major threats to any data or information for which it needs cryptography? Explain with examples.
  • What type of information can be secured with Cryptography?
  • In case a Cryptography tool is not available, and you need to send a secret information, would you proceed or wait till the presence of tool? Explain with examples.

Please note:

  • Apply APA format on your academic writings.
  • provide 2-3 pages long (not including title and references) as a word document.
  • Include title page, table of content page.
  • Use time new roman or Arial as font type.
  • Use 12 a font size.
  • Use double spaces.
  • Add running head to the upper left corner of your document.
  • Add page numbers to the upper right corner of your document.
  • Add a references page to the end of your document.
  • Do not re-state the questions.
  • Make you own titles and subtitles.
    Include at least two sources (i.e. two references) and use them within your in-text citation.