CSCI322 System Administration

One of the requirements of being a system administrator is to make decisions about overall structures and procedures. Below is a typical organization. You have recently been employed by this organization as the new chief information officer and systems administrator. Your first job is to clean up this organization’s computing – what would you do?

When devising a response you should think about the following:-

1. Design of systems and network.
2. Administration and Management of systems and network.
3. Service Management.
4. Security.
5. Operating Procedures.
6. Disaster Recovery and,
7. Organizational requirements.

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Provide a written response outlining the problems with this computing environment and why. Once you have done this provide either technical or procedural solutions to these problems. You are basically going to devise a computing strategy for this organization. Where possible outline potential technological solutions you may employ to solve a particular problem. For each issue-identified outline the potential impacts it may have on the organization and why it is important to address