Cultural Beliefs

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Cultural beliefs are the values that are held by a given society and which dictate their customs, social behavior, and norms. These beliefs vary from one society to the other. I do not think that all cultural beliefs are equally good and true. There are those beliefs that are retrogressive and only drag certain societies backward. However, this should not be taken as a lack of respect for certain cultures. At the same time, it is difficult to answer this question objectively given that every society has different cultural beliefs. But an answer can be based on how different countries have progressed. Hence my point is based on economic development as the standard.

Important aspects such as socio-economic growth and education can be directly linked to cultural beliefs. This is one of the main reasons why western nations are highly developed than others. For instance, a cultural belief that women should not be educated is neither true nor good. Also, beliefs that support the oppression of women through Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) must be rebelled upon. On the other hand, a culture that believes that women are pillars of society and thus should be empowered is very progressive and lead to more development.

Even as I take this stand, it must be understood that a whole culture cannot be discredited. Only certain cultural practices in a given society are deemed bad and untrue. Culture brings about identity and it is therefore very important. In fact, cultural diversity is beautiful and comprises one of the biggest sections of tourism. However, for instance, take an example of a culture that holds that murder is wrong, but practices female oppression. Such a culture is not wholly bad but rather a certain cultural practice is bad. Hence every individual should take a moment to reflect on their cultural beliefs rather than just blindly accept them.

Over the course of history, man has had to practice cultural flexibility in order to evolve into civilization. This is evidence that not all cultural beliefs are good or true and must be evaluated from time to time. A big example is the United States. For a long time, the US was built around the culture of inequality where vices such as slavery were practiced. This had to be reevaluated to ascertain whether it was a good cultural practice. It was found not to be good and abandoned. In this day, the US has a cultural belief that all people are created equal. Another example is the many African nations that are abandoning FGM as a cultural belief. Also, there are middle-eastern nations abandoning the cultural belief that women should not be educated.


Conclusion about the beliefs of all cultures, are equally good and true

If all cultural believes were good and true, we would not have some regions being so developed while others are burdened with poverty. Most early cultural beliefs were based on myths and superstitions and hence no concrete truth in them. Cultural beliefs are based on the history of certain people hence the difference. Some cultural beliefs are oppressive while others are focused on the benefit of every person in society. Also, there cannot be different truths on the same matter. For instance, different cultures believe the world was formed in different ways. However, there can be only truth about such an issue. Hence, all cultural beliefs cannot be equally true.

Conclusion about the beliefs of some cultures, are better and truer than the beliefs of others

It is clear from this argument that some cultural beliefs are better and truer than others. Societies that abandon retrogressive beliefs are more economically developed than the others. Societies that are culturally flexible are much more ahead. This involves evaluating a certain cultural practice and determining whether it is a good one, then making a decision whether to abandon it. Culture practices such as the oppression of women are bad given that they result in the underdevelopment of a society. However, this does not mean that a whole culture should be abandoned; rather the bad aspects should be left out while the good ones such as those that support morality should be supported and continue being practiced.


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