customer satisfaction survey

Congratulations. You are the customer service manager for Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois. The Chicago Cubs’ executive administrators have requested for you to make certain Cubs’ patrons (i.e., attendees) are pleased with their experience when attending Wrigley Field for a Cubs’ home baseball game.

Please create a five (5) item customer satisfaction survey your staff can administer to spectators during a Cubs’ home baseball game. Please conduct some online research to review information concerning Wrigley Field and other sport venues to determine the type of items which should be included within the survey


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Please review “Supporting Materials” (i.e., MS Word document file titled “Sample Wrigley Field Customer Satisfaction Survey) included with this assignment’s instructions in order to review examples of survey items.

Your survey may not contain items about professionalism of security personnel, concession area cleanliness, and seat comfort. These survey items are presented as examples within MS Word document file titled “Sample Wrigley Field Customer Satisfaction Survey

Once you have developed a five (5) item customer satisfaction survey, using bullet points, compose a one (1) page summary (i.e., analysis of your survey, minimum of 250 words, excluding title and reference pages). Describe why you selected each of the items presented within the survey. Also, explain how collecting customers’ satisfaction information can be beneficial for an athletic organization’s business operations (e.g., ticket sales, concessions, security). Cite at least two (2) literary publications to support information discussed within your summary. Do not count the aforementioned resources (e.g., the minimum two (2) literary publications required

At the conclusion of this summary, present your five (5) item survey.