“Danca Musciorum Ritmo

Watch FUSE Dance Company’s Recorded Performance of “Danca Musciorum Ritmo”



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Please read the assignment carefully so that you can receive full credit. All papers should be 3-4 pages long, double spaced, Times New Roman/ 12 font. No special indent margins. Include your name, class and class time, and the due date (December 1st) all placed on the upper right hand corner. Only one indent between the due date and title of your paper. Writing and grammar will be taken into account during the grading process. If I cannot read your paper or make sense of what you are saying because of poor grammar/ sentence structure, you will not receive credit.  Papers must have an intro, body, and closing paragraph. Again, this is 75 points towards your final grade. MLA or APA is accepted, however there are no sources/references needed for this paper. This is solely a critique/analysis. Tell me what you see.

Some Questions to think about and help guide you in writing your paper.

1.) What feeling or emotion did the dance deliver?

2.) What were the costumes, and how did they add to the overall piece?

3.) What style of music was the dance choreographed to?

4.) Was there any style or movement vocabulary you had learned in class? Can you reference any of her vocabulary terms?

5.) Were there any special effects with stage lighting and how did it support the dance?

6.) Create the environment for each piece, as if you were telling me about the location. Where was it? how did the theatre look? what was the set up like? Was it a building? was it outside? Etc

7.) What are the relationships between the dancers in each work?

8.) What do you think was the inspiration behind each dance?

You can discuss one piece if it brings on enough to talk about for 4 pages, or talk about a few. You can even have one paragraph answering as many questions as you like for each piece/number. There is so much information to be said.

Remember this is a dance concert…not a RECITAL. These are professional dancer and companies, so you want to make sure you are presenting facts not opinions.

Ex ” The dress was red and I hate red” rather than ” The dancer’s costumes were red lace dresses, which represented the concept of love and affection.” then continue to discusses the costumes further.

You are interpreting the dance works in this report. When you are interpreting art there are no right or wrong answers, however your opinions should not affect how you DESCRIBE the dance works.