This paper needs to be at least 1000-1500 (3-5 pages) words describing and reflecting upon a full length
performance that is posted below. Please be sure to use all of the elements of theater dance to describe in
detail what you saw and then reflect upon it. Please write about both videos to receive full points.
Here are the videos for the performance review. The last link is an interview and performance with a former UA
School of Dance Professor James Clouser. Choose 3 and write about them in detail.

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Choreographer James Clouser dances to his own music, 1965
Directed by Nick Havinga, Choreography by James Clouser, Performed by Sandra Balestracci, Alexandra
Nadal, James Clouser, Produced by Dan Gallagher (New York, NY: Creative Arts Television, 2007), 28 minutes




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