DATA200 Data And Information Management

The main objective of assignment task 3 is to convert the logical-level design to a physical database using Microsoft Access software. You may change your logical design submitted in assignment task 2, depending on the feedback and/or due to some implementation issues. During the physical design stage, it is quite common to iterate between design and implementation stages.
Your e-portfolio should contain two elements.
1. ACCESS database as a file
2. Technical report presented as a journal entry (Not a WORD document)
(A) Access database:
1) Number of minimum records of each entity:
Patients 15
Receptionists 05
Nurses 10
Doctors 10
Medication 10
You may increase above (not decrease). You may also have additional tables. Assign any number of
records as you wish for such tables.
2) Perform normalisation
3) Create relevant relationships
4) Create 5 queries (One query using 1 table, 4 queries using 2 or more tables) 5) Make any
business rules or assumptions that are necessary.
(B) Technical report: as a journal entry of e-Portfolio
This technical report should contain the following elements.
a) Reflection –
You need to reflect on the major learnings of this subject and how you have linked them to your assignments. It may be quite possible that you may have a new design. This is quite normal in design and implementation processes. You need to explain the reasons behind the new change. You also need to explain the additional requirements that you would like to add in future designs, how would your database be used by multi-users and any other relevant features.