Database Warehousing

When securing a data warehouse, there are many security considerations and techniques you can use:

1.List the 4 layers of security that need to be considered

2.Provide 2 “best practices” for each of the layers listed in part a.

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2.2) (10 marks) When implementing a data warehouse, performance is usually a paramount consideration. List 5 items which could have a performance impact and whether that impact would be positive or negative. You should have 5 items and 5 positive/negative indications.

3.3) (10 marks) If you were handed the requirement to deploy a data warehouse which is continuously available (up and running 24x7x365), describe the following considerations:

1.The difference between high availability and disaster recovery

2.The kinds of outages you must protect against

3.The approach options available to address this requirement

4.The topology options for deploying a continuously available environment

5.Any other considerations

4.4) (10 marks) Describe the different degrees of latency, how they would be implemented and some of the key characteristics of each regarding normalization, cleansed, etc. Also include a description of an Operational Data Store (ODS) and how it distinguishes itself from the Data Warehouse:

5.5) (10 marks) Big Data is a new and important trend in the market place today.

1.List the “4 Vs” or possible characteristics of a Big Data workload.

2.Include a description and example of each

3.List 2 ways that a user or developer can access/work with data in Hadoop

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