Dealing with terrorists in the United States

Is it cost effective from a risk analysis perspective to spend billions of dollars to stop a “hand-full of people” who are bound to terrorize the United States? What is the “Hardened Border Paradox? What is the “Open Border Paradox? How can both be overcome? Compare and contrast the two. (LO3.1 & LO3.2)

What is smuggling from a legal perspective? What is smuggled and why is it smuggled? Who benefits from smuggling and who is hurt by smuggling and how? Besides smuggling, what other land and maritime border violations threaten the facilitation of legitimate trade? What is the globalization of organized crime, and the increase in their associated networks capabilities increased the economic, political, cultural, and diplomatic threat to the United States? (LO4.1 & LO4.2)

Discuss the actions that prompted the “border control offensive” and made the issue of illegal immigration a priority along the SW border and contrast this with the northern border. (Consider this in light of the activities since 2017). Regarding border enforcement, describe who is the enemy and discuss any public health and safety concerns. Are the concerns the same on both the southwest and northern borders? (LO5.1 & LO5.2)

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