Dear Writer You have to use my previous assignment as a source. I attached all

Dear Writer : You have to use my previous assignment as a source. I attached all for you .
PBS PROJECT: PART 1Individual Functional Assessment & Comprehensive PBS Plan1. Identify a focus person between the age of 2 and 99 that you will have weekly contact with during this semester. Give their age and briefly describe the life settings of the person: who does the person live with, i.e. family, spouse, alone; what do they do during the day (work, school, etc.) and, if in school, what type of class & supports do they receive. What do they do on weekends, evenings, for fun; what are their hobbies, what do they do with friends and/or what are their social activities, etc.2. Provide an operational definitionof the target behavior you have selected to assess for your focus person. The operational definition must be measurable and observable.3. Provide a short rationale as to how changing or improving this behavior will make a significant difference in the quality of life of your focus person.4. Provide a summary of your QUANTITATIVE DATA that you recorded at the beginning of your project (the first week to a month), detailing the frequency, duration, and/or intensity of the targeted behavior during your baseline, or initial observations of the behavior. Tools you may choose to use: Scatter plot, frequency chart, duration recording, time samples, etc. Use this “Baseline” level of the behavior to see how the behavior changes once you begin to implement changes. Be sure to include: a. How OFTEN does the behavior occur? (Frequency)___________b. How long does the behavior last? (Duration)__________________5. Provide a summary of the patterns you identified using a variety of QUALITATIVE Observational Assessment Tools or Interviews. Your summary should include where, when, with whom, and during which activities the behavior was MOST and LEAST likely to occur. You MUST use and include the following assessment tool in this section: A-B-C data and summary of patterns. Other tools may include: Motivation Assessment Scale, Reinforcer Survey, PEC, Learning Style Checklist, Behavioral Maps, Teacher Observation Feedback form, Functional Assessment Interview form, etc. Remember that your data collection and completed assessment tools must be included/attached to your completed Project! The tools do not need to be typed, just include them (or copies) as you filled them out.6. Provide your Hypothesis statement that describes why you believe the behavior is occurring (what is the purpose that this behavior is serving for the person).7. Conduct a Hypothesis Test (as described in class) to validate (support) or refute your hypothesis. If you are in a setting where you are unable to conduct such a test, please describe HOW you would implement a hypothesis test if you were able to do so.
COURSE PROJECT: PART 2 (To be submitted along with Part 1 and your assessment data) 8. Identify at least one functionally equivalent, new behavior, skill, communication strategy, alternative routine, coping strategy, social skill, relaxation exercise, etc., to TEACH the focus person as a positive alternative to the challenging behavior. 9. Describe HOW you will present & teach the new, replacement skill(s). Describe the strategies and/or teaching style you will use to systematically teach the replacement behavior(s) and skills listed in #8. (ex.: shaping, chaining, utilizing a teaching style matching the learning style of the learner, adapting prompting/cueing/fading strategies, utilizing task analysis, role play, modeling, peer tutoring, cooperative learning, etc.). 10. List additional positive support strategies you plan to use, including: A) List support strategies you will use as antecedent changes, based upon your functional assessment information. Examples could include changes in: scheduled activities or routines, prompting & cueing strategies, curriculum, teaching style, availability or presence of specific stimulus cues, improving predictability for the individual through adapted schedules & calendars, stimulus change strategies, providing improved opportunities for choice & preference, development and/or use of augmentative communication strategies, picture schedules, etc.B)List any changes that you plan to implement in consequence conditions. Describe the reinforcement strategies you will use to reinforce the replacement behavior. Other consequence changes could include: adding or adapting reinforcement schedules, changing existing consequences to minimize reinforcement for problem behavior while maximizing reinforcement for appropriate replacement behaviors, using more Differential Reinforcement of Appropriate behaviors (“catch ‘em being good!”), etc. C) Describe Quality of Life changes & Additional Positive Support Strategies. This could include: improved opportunities for social inclusion & opportunities to meet others; increased opportunities for community exposure and instruction; utilizing a Person Centered Planning process to assist with transition or career planning, opportunities for employment & other valued roles; ensuring that curriculum is functional & meaningful to the student; environmental and/or structural systems changes which may lead to improve the overall quality of life for the person, and additional supports that take place OUTSIDE the typical school day to enhance social, community & home situations.11. Note any changes in the behavior (the focus person and yours), if any, that have occurred since you started gathering information related to the problem behavior.

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