Define and describe the 4 Ethical Principles 
 Describe HOW you have planned and implemented your study so as to ensure your research abides by these principles. You can/should address

As the country focuses on the restructuring of the U.S. health care delivery system, nurses will continue to play an important role. It is expected that more and more nursing jobs will become available out in the community, and fewer will be available in acute care hospitals.
1. Write an informal presentation (500-700 words) to educate nurses about how the practice of nursing is expected to grow and change. Include the concepts of continuity or continuum of care, accountable care organizations (ACO), medical homes, and nurse-managed health clinics.
2. Share your presentation with nurse colleagues on your unit or department and ask them to offer their impressions of the anticipated changes to health care delivery and the new role of nurses in hospital settings, communities, clinics, and medical homes.
3. In 800-1,000 words summarize the feedback shared by three nurse colleagues and discuss whether their impressions are consistent with what you have researched about health reform.
4. A minimum of three scholarly references are required for this assignment.

Assignment Two:

Research Plan and Ethical Implications (10%) The assignment is comprised of the following sections

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Final Research Question and 3 hypotheses
Part 1: Research Plan • Study Design
Participants and Sampling • Data Collection
Part 2: Ethical Implications • References
• Part 3: Appendices (5)
• Research Journal
Length: approximately 2 pages + appendices

You MUST use the templates provided on FLO (How to Write Assignment 2 folder). There are separate templates for the main body of assignment + the 5 appendices

Research Plan and Ethical Implications

When marking this assignment, your tutor will assess if your research plan is compliant with the class ethics approval by considering the study design, sampling and recruitment methods (including the ethics documents at your appendices), data collection technique (including the survey) and your understanding of the four ethical principles that underpin ethical research.

It is common for your tutor to suggest several changes to your plan and appendices at this stage. You will need make revisions to your appendices (ethics documents and survey) and have these cleared BEFORE you can begin collecting data (i.e. recruiting participants and distributing your survey)

Part 1 – Research Plan (1 page)

Study Design (1-2 paragraphs)
Identify the study design you have chosen to answer your research question.
What are the strengths and limitations of this study design? 
 Participants and Sampling (1-2 Paragraphs)
What sampling method will you use to recruit your participants?
Why is this sampling method an appropriate choice for your research?
What are the strengths and limitations of this sampling method?
Indicate where you will recruit your participants (e.g. Uni library)
Describe how you will use the ethics documents (your appendices) to recruit your participants (refer to the appendices in this section)
Part 1 – Research Plan continued

Measures (1-2 paragraphs)
Identify the data collection technique (measure) you will use to collect your data.
o Is it a survey that was already developed?
o Have you developed your own?
o How many items (questions) and what type of questions are there?

What are the strengths and limitations of this data collection measure?
Part 2 – Ethical Implications (1 page)

The objective of this section is to demonstrate your understanding of the following four principles of ethical research – as per the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research. You will need to describe how you will abide by these principles and demonstrate why the proposed study is low or negligible risk (as per the Class Ethics approval).


The National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research can be accessed via this link:

Part 2 – Ethical Implications continued…

In this section you will:

Define and describe the 4 Ethical Principles 
 Describe HOW you have planned and implemented your study so as to ensure your research abides by these principles. You can/should address: Privacy
Highlight how your research meets the Class Ethics Approval (i.e. is low risk)
Each of the 4 principles should be addressed in 100 words (total of one page for this whole section)
Part 3 Appendices

There must be 5 appendices to your assignment.
You MUST use the templates provided on FLO for each of these.
You should refer to these appendices in the Sampling and Participants section in Part 1 of your assignment and describe how you will use them to recruit your participants.
In Part 2, you may also describe how you will use these to ensure your research is ethical (e.g. informed consent)
Participant information sheet Introductory Letter


Consent form Verbal Script

(!) Your tutor will go through the instructions on completing and using these forms to recruit your participants in the week 5/6 tutorial

Some instructions about recruiting

participants and collecting data…

YouMUSTNOTbeginrecruitingparticipantsordistributingyourethics documents/surveys until your research plan, ethical documents and survey have been approved by your tutor – as part of the marking process. In most cases, your tutor will require you to make some changes to your ethical documents and/or survey and perhaps to clarify how you will recruit participants. Your tutor must approve these changes/clarifications BEFORE you start the recruitment/data collection process.
Please follow your research plan when recruiting participants, if you have any problems you must speak to your tutor before you change your recruitment/data collection methods (e.g. change location of recruitment etc.)
Remember you can’t recruit participants on SA Health organisation premises, or other institutions that would require their own ethics approval process. University is the best place to recruit participants.
Participants MUST sign both consent forms and return one to you and keep the other.
ProvidetheLetterofIntroductionandParticipantInformationSheettoall participants.

The fine print

Submit on FLO by midnight, Wednesday week 7, 6 September
All submissions will be checked using Turnitin text matching software. You can check a 
draft of your assignment turnitin score on FLO before submission
-5% of your grade per day the assignment is late.
Feedback on this assignment should be incorporated into the Final Assignment
Feedback will be received by week 8 tutorial. DO NOT begin recruitment/data collection 
until you have had your plan and appendices approved by your tutor.
Double space your work and use size 12 font.
Spelling and grammar should be carefully checked for accuracy. It should be well 
structured so that information is presented logically and coherently
Don’t forget to submit your research journal with your assignment, one mark will be 
deducted from your grade if you do not submit or submit an inadequate journal. You can submit your journal electronically on FLO or provide a hard copy to your tutor in the week 7 tutorial.