Group Fitness Instructor Questions


1. In your own words, describe group exercise and the various exercise disciplines included within the ISSA Group Exercise Instructor course.

2. Discuss the role of the group exercise instructor. Include the topics of participant safety, the importance of creating a positive experience for the participants, and the code of ethics group exercise instructors must understand and adhere to as fitness professionals

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3. Participation in the various forms of structured exercise has numerous benefits for participants. Discuss the benefits of exercise and provide examples how participation in aerobic exercise can reduce various health risks.

4. Explain the principles of exercise training that must be applied to the development of a progressive and successful exercise program.

5. Describe the three energy systems in the body, and how they are used for energy production.

As a group exercise instructor, it is your responsibility to design the classes you teach. Please design a muscle conditioning group exercise class. Describe in detail the components of the warm-up routine you will use to begin your class; list the exercises you will use in the workout routine, the equipment needed, and the number of repetitions of each exercise; explain the process of communicating to your students during the class, including specifics regarding the cueing of transitions; and describe the cool-down session you will use to close out your class.

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For this module’s discussion, you will select peer-review journal articles on one of the 4Ps – Place. Keyword search terms might include one of the following:  marketing channel strategy, distribution, retailers, internet, or supply chain. Once you have selected your peer-reviewed journal articles, post a synopsis of the major points from the research you read.







Remember, you cannot repeat any of the sources from previous postings.

Any sources cited must have been published within the last five years, except
for the Bible.