Definition and rationale of mentoring/coaching

Design a 12-15 slide PowerPoint (PPT) introducing mentoring or coaching to your leadership team. The PPT
should include:
a. Definition and rationale of mentoring/coaching
b. Examples of different mentoring/coaching models including their benefits and limitations
c. A suggested process to design a coaching/mentoring program for the educational organisation
d. A rationale and suggested process for evaluating the mentoring/coaching process once its implemented
e. Key considerations for leaders in the design and implementation of the program
f. Some useful professional readings
g. 2-3 interactive activities throughout the PPT to engage your audience in the presentation
h. Reference list
To accompany the PowerPoint you will also need to submit ‘Speaking notes’ which include key points that
would be discussed when presenting each the slide. A template for these speaking notes is available on the
subject Moodle.
You will submit two files on Moodle- PPT and speaking notes. Please note that the size of your submission
files must not exceed 100MB.