Deformable Bodies Normal Forces and Stresses



Two aluminum bars shown in the figure below (modulus of elasticity EAl = 70 GPa) are attached to rigid support at the left and a rigid crossbar at the right. The rigid crossbar at the right can move laterally (i.e., left and right). A steel bar (ESt = 210 GPa) is attached to the rigid support at the left, and there is a gap b = 0.5 mm between the right end of the steel bar and the rigid crossbar. The cross-sectional area of each bar is A = 400 mm2 and L = 250 mm. The steel bar is stretched until it contacts the crossbar and THEN is welded to it. For this final state (after welding), please do the following: 1. Draw a free body diagram by passing a plane through the right ends of the three bars. (2 points) 2. Write the equilibrium equation. (2 points) 3. Write the compatibility condition; (2 points) 4. Determine the normal forces in the bars. (2 points) 5. Calculate the normal stresses in the bars and identify the type of stress in each bar (tension or compression). (2 points)

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