Demonstrate an ability to develop and implement learning strategies to advance personal and professional development.

Reflective Essay Guidance
Assessment Task
Consider your university & work based learning (placement work) on this module related to the following themes:
Advanced Practice
Safe/Effective Practice
Clinical Learning Environment
Select ONE of the above. I would like you to write about the CT Colonography because this is new technique for me I saw it here in Glasgow through my Placement in the hospital this is technique used to diagnose polyps or cancer in the colon. In my hospital in Saudi Arabia I used another(Barium Enema) technique to diagnosis the polyps or cancer in the colon. In this essay I want convenience my supervisor ?by that Ct colonography is better than barium enema and I will apply this technique in my hospital when I back home because Im manager in the diagnostic imaging department and I have influence to apply this technique in Saudi Arabia. I hope you understand my message and what I want exactly. Use Rolfe Reflective model (What(disceription) So what (evaluation analysis)now what(conclusion action plan) and reference it.
Using a reflective cycle of your choice critically reflect on your work based learning on this module and relate this to your own specific learning requirements and professional development. You should consider how your learning experiences may enable you to push boundaries & challenge/enhance practice in your home country (Saudi Arabia).
NB. It is a requirement that this coursework will include evidence extracted from your portfolio(reflective diaries) which supports your analyses and evaluations.
The purpose of this assessment is to allow you an opportunity to provide evidence that you are able to achieve the following learning outcomes:
1. Identify and critically reflect on knowledge clinical reasoning and practical skills competencies underpinning clinical practices and continuing learning as part of the process of personal development.
2. Demonstrate an ability to develop and implement learning strategies to advance personal and professional development.
3. Compare analyse and evaluate the rationale for different diagnostic imaging approaches to the management of patients.
4. Contextualise your role and appraise their potential to influence and implement positive evidence based change into improved outcomes.
Guidance Notes:
You are expected to critically reflect on your engagement with the module learning experiences using a self-selected reflective framework. You should review your portfolio which you have been developing during Trimester B and extract evidence to support your findings. The following headings can be used to tackle this coursework as they are broadly applicable to most reflective frameworks.
1. Introduction: In this section you should briefly explain the theory and rationale for reflective practice in Healthcare referring to a variety of sources (Why reflection is useful in radiology and culture). You should introduce the focus of your essay and offer why this is important to you personally and professionally.
2. Main Body (you are encouraged to use subheadings)(full cycle of reflection)(the important section of the essay)(around 2000 words):
Identify and justify your chosen reflective framework. This section should demonstrate evidence of your reflection on events/experiences of particular personal significance; including description (reduce amount of discerption) evaluation and analysis. There should be evidence of connecting theory to practice. There should be evidence of critical evaluation of the evidence base when suggesting an appropriate action for change /improvement. Should be write what is bad and good things and the look for literature sources to support that (a lot of literature). Dont write a lot of description and feeling concentrate on analysis evaluation and action plan. Also comparing to Saudi Arabia.
3. Conclusion: In this section you should summarise the issues explored; offer what you have learnt from the above section and how you intend to employ this new knowledge/ learning. You should contextualise your role and appraise your potential to influence and implement change to improve outcomes specific to your field of practice (benefits of reflection on myself to develop my learning and practice). Write about my position in home for example: Im supervisor of radiology department and I have influence to change by introduce that for management and our al.
4. References: Use reflective practice in healthcare. Not only this type of references everything please with references no more 10 years old. With studies contain numbers or statistics must be published in 2014 or 2013 only.