Demonstrate an understanding of Change theory in particular and strategies for managing change in the clinical setting.

Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes 2nd edition by Richard Tuck (1996)
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Instructions: The exercise is to get you to see the book from the inside out and to consider the development of a classic thesis from the point of the view of the author. It is not sufficient if you glean your account of the book from secondary sources alone. Your essay should engage critically with the authors thesis and explore its strengths and weaknesses.
Change Management Project-Leading and Managing a change project in clinical practice
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Purpose of the Assignment:
NB005: Leadership and Management
Assignment Guidelines
Change Management Project: Leading and managing a change project in clinical practice.
The problem which I wish to look at is SEPSIS in the hospital setting focusing mainly on adult ICUs and Emergency rooms. I also what to bring in statistics in the middle east if there is updated data on same. I would like to use transformational and perhaps a little transactional leadership skills as well as using Adairs change module.
To identify a problem in the clinical setting that requires change and to create a plan that shows the steps that need to be taken to overcome that problem.
Assignment learning outcomes
Upon completion of this assignment the students will be able to:
1. Demonstrate an acceptable level of knowledge and understanding of the theories and concepts of leadership and management.
2. Recognise the application of these theories in the clinical setting.
3. Demonstrate an understanding of Change theory in particular and strategies for managing
change in the clinical setting.
4. When writing this assignment the student should explore the roles and responsibilities of
the Nurse Manager in reference to Multidisciplinary Teams Quality Assurance Clinical Audit
and Health and Safety.
5. The student may refer to challenges to Nurse Management in the GCC countries.
6. Student will use a well validated Action Plan to bring about the change.
Assignment Instructions
In order to complete this Change Management project you need to address all of the following:
1. Introduction 2. The Problem
Identify a problem in the clinical setting that in your opinion needs to change in order to improve patient care. Describe briefly and succinctly the problem and the rationale for change.
3- Managing Change
Using Change Theory describe in detail how you intend to implement the change. Support your work with current evidence.
4- Leadership
Introduce and explain one model and theory of leadership that is relevant to your case. Demonstrate the leadership skills that you required to motivate stakeholders including your immediate team to introduce this change.
In this section you must discuss the model of change and the management skills that you used to bring it about. Mention if there are any barriers or supporters of the change and how you managed the situation.
5- Action Planning
To assist you with this task complete each item on the Action Plan (attached) to include your vision for change; the goals to make your vision a reality; the steps required to make sure the change happens.
The Action Plan must be realistic and manageable and demonstrate how you applied your leadership to bring the change about.
Ensure there is congruence between the your explanation and rationale for the change and your Action Plan
6- Conclusion and Recommendation
7- References