Demonstrate critical thinking and reflective practice while providing individualized, culturally competent, person-centered care

• Integrate nursing theories, conceptual frameworks and evidence based practice while planning care of individuals
Learning Objectives
• Please see the syllabus for learning objectives in modules 3 and 4
1. Review the chapter 17 in Astle et al, 2019. Pay careful attention to the information on the communication. You may also want to review the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA) module on Relational Practice (CLPNA, 2018) which is available on their website
2. Reflect on an interaction you have had with a health care provider in the past and consider the following question
• In your opinion was the interaction with the health care provider positive, negative or neutral?
• What is therapeutic communication and how is it used?
• What are the techniques of therapeutic communication? Were any of these techniques used in the interaction?
• What are some aspects of non-therapeutic communication? Were any of elements of non-therapeutic communication used in the interaction?
• If you were the health care provider in this scenario how would have you used techniques of therapeutic communication to build a relationship?
3. Write a reflection summarizing the interaction with the health care provider
4. Submit your assignment via Brightspace electronic drop box
Rubric/Marking Criteria
Criteria containing an asterisk (*) indicates an exceptional thought and effort
Criteria Weighting/Rating
Interaction summary
Summary of a health care interaction 1
Summary adheres to the principles of spelling and grammar 1
Identifies the interaction as positive, negative or neutral Explains if the interaction was positive, negative of neural. 2
An explanation of therapeutic communication is given and supported with current literature 2
Three techniques of therapeutic communication are discussed and supported with current literature 3
Identifies if techniques of therapeutic communication were used in the interaction 1
Three aspects of non-therapeutic communication are discussed and supported with current literature. 3
Identifies if techniques of non-therapeutic communication were used in the interaction 1
Indicates three ways how they would change the interaction to incorporate techniques of therapeutic communication 3
Reflection demonstrates exceptional comprehension, deep thought and is meaningful 3*
Minimum of three different sources are used 1
Resources are referenced in correct APA format 1
Research on the topic was thoughtful and academically rigorous 3*
Total for learning activity /25
Percentage in course 30%