Describe Health Freedom Act legislation as it applies to Naturopathic practices.

Competency: Describe, and compare the social and cultural context of selected CAM modalities.
GER: Recognize and analyze intrapersonal, interpersonal and/or socio–‐cultural factors associated with individual behavior, collective action, or societal development
UW Shared Learning Goal: Intercultural Knowledge and Competence
Each question must be fully answered. This assignment is uploaded to the designated D2L drop box in a Word, PDF or RTF format (no other document format will be accepted) and is evaluated using the CAM Health Freedom of Access rubric. This paper should be no more than five pages, double spaced.
Licensure, regulation and freedom to choose are key concerns for Naturopathic practitioners and consumers of naturopathic practices. The ability to discern differences in preparation and accountability of complementary and alternative practitioners is an essential competency.

You will use information literacy and critical thinking skills to complete this assessment.
Consult resources from the UWM Libraries Guide on Evidence Based Medicine to support your understanding of evidence based health care

To complete the assessment for this competency write on the following:
Summarize the practice of Naturopathy in the United States. Be sure to include variations in these practices based on education and preparation. Identify licensing regulations affecting the practice of Naturopathy.

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Describe Health Freedom Act legislation as it applies to Naturopathic practices.
Defend your position regarding the effect on the practice of Naturopathy and benefit or detriment of health freedom as defined in recent or pending legislation to the patient

Health freedom act legislation as it applies to Naturopathic Practices and Summarize the Practice of Naturopahty in the United states