Risk Assessment And Management-DQ

Answer every question with minimum of 300 words. Please provide references after each answer.

Q1, Conduct research and find a journal article that includes examples of a successful and unsuccessful first movers, early followers, and late entrants. Post your links to the article, and compare and contrast the pairs of successful and unsuccessful examples.

Q2, Explain the differences among a strength, a competitive advantage, and a sustainable competitive advantage. Discuss what makes an ability or set of abilities a core competency.

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Q3, What are some of the reasons a firm might employ both qualitative and quantitative assessment of a project? Identify a development project with which you are familiar and explain the methods you think were used to assess the project. Include discussion of additional methods you believe should have been used in the project assessment and justify them by providing specific reasons, facts, and examples as support.

Q4, Identify when the real options approach would be appropriate for a technology innovation project and when it would not. Provide specific examples and a link to a relevant journal article to support your ideas.

Describe how and why the scope of practice for various healthcare professionals is changing.

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements 2 Discuss the ethical and legal implications of practicing outside one’s scope of practice. #5 Consider under what circumstances healthcare professionals’ legal responsibilities may overlap with their ethical duties. #6 Describe how and why the scope of practice for various healthcare professionals is changing. #7 Discuss what action a caregiver should take, if any, when a physician’s written orders appear questionable.