Describe the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), for assisting with a sterile surgical procedure.

Internal Code : MAS2031 A1: a) In your own words, write a definition for sexual health. b) How does your answer compare with that of the World Health Organisation? c) Briefly describe the health – illness continuum in terms of sexual health. Satisfactory Needs revision Q2: Research the WHO Ottawa Charter and give a brief description of five (5) strategies to promote sexual health and wellness. A2: Satisfactory Needs revision Q3: The Centre for Disease control and prevention (CDC), have established a vaccine program to reduce the burden of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) associated Cancer and Disease in America through Vaccination. A3: a) Give a brief outline of the HPV vaccination program b) Do they provide a similar program in Australia? If so, what is the target group and why was this group chosen? c) What are the barriers or limitations of providing a vaccination program in Queensland? Q4: You have been delegated the task of assisting your client to access screening programs in the local area. Name four (4) screening and/or prevention programs that are available to sexual and reproductive health clients in Gympie or Bundaberg. State whether these programs are for men, women or both. A4: Satisfactory Needs revision Q5: Identify the signs and symptoms you would expect to find in the following client presentations. Describe the impact each condition would have on the client. A5: a) A male with an enlarged prostate. b) A female with Chlamydia. c) A female with genital herpes. d) A male with syphilis. e) A male with gonorrhoea. f) A female who is 10 weeks pregnant. Q6: A co-worker has asked you about the possible long term consequences of Chlamydia infection for both men and women. What could you say? A6: Satisfactory Needs revision Q7: Please answer the following: A7: a) List nine (9) principles you would follow in obtaining a Sexual Health History. b) Give 5 examples of questions you could ask to ensure a comprehensive sexual health assessment is obtained. c) Describe admission and discharge processes for clients admitted to an Acute care Hospital for TURP surgery on the prostate gland. Satisfactory Needs revision Q8: Please answer the following: A8: a) Outline anatomy, Physiology and Patho physiology of reproductive health for each age group from adolescence to adult to older adult. b) Describe specific risk taking behaviours for each of these groups c) What would you suggest in a plan of care tailored to meet each group’s needs? Q9: Describe how the following affect sexuality and sexual behaviour in an individual. A9: a) Gender. b) Ageing. c) Disability. d) Culture. e) Illness. Satisfactory Needs revision Q10 What therapeutic communication skills could you employ to facilitate data collection in an interview with the client? A10: Satisfactory Needs revision Q11: Please answer the following. A11: a) Describe the purpose of contact tracing? b) Give two methods that can be used to ensure successful tracing. Satisfactory Needs revision Q12: Research and identify the age of consent in Queensland. A12: a) For females. b) For males. Satisfactory Needs revision Q13: Your client is a 15 year old boy diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease. A13: a) Discuss restrictions and legal implications associated with ensuring privacy and confidentiality for persons of this age. b) Are you legally obligated to notify the parents of the above client? c) If your client had been 17 years old, would you be legally obligated to notify the parents? d) If he had been 18 years old, would you be legally obligated to notify the parents? Satisfactory Needs revision Q14: Please answer the following: A14: a) List eight (8) health professionals who provide sexual and reproductive health care. b) Give a brief description of each professional’s role and their regulatory authority. c) What other resources could be utilised to support individuals and families? Satisfactory Needs revision Q15: The registered nurse has delegated you the responsibility of providing client education on the topic of contraception. What could you say to the client? Is it within your scope of practice to give such information? A15: Satisfactory Needs revision Q16: What would be the role of the enrolled nurse when: a). assisting collection of a Pap Smear? b). administering antiviral medication to an inpatient in hospital? c). addressing needs of the client related to grief and loss A16: a). b). c). Satisfactory Needs revision A17: What documentation would be required for a patient a) pre and b) post; Breast Biopsy Incisional Surgery? A17: Satisfactory Needs revision Q18: Identify factors influencing choice of each contraceptive method described in Question 15. A18: Satisfactory Needs revision Q19: Identify and address pregnancy choices and options for unplanned pregnancies. A19: Satisfactory Needs revision Q20: You have been asked to provide client education on recommended screening for the following client groups: a) Men who have sex with men. b) Women who have sex with women. c) People who inject drugs. d) Sex industry worker. Satisfactory Needs revision Q21: How would you explain Gillick Competence to a co-worker who has not heard of it? A21: Satisfactory Needs revision Q22: Describe three (3) tests used to diagnose infertility. A22: Satisfactory Needs revision Q23: Please answer the following: A23: a) What effect could uncontrolled diabetes have on a man’s sexual health? b) What tests may be used to confirm diagnosis of erectile dysfunction? c) What treatments are currently available to improve erectile function? d) Describe the risks and benefits of each treatment as if presenting options to a client. Satisfactory Needs revision Q24: Describe the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), for assisting with a sterile surgical procedure. A24: Satisfactory Needs revision Q25: Where would you expect to find information on how, why, when and where you perform your duties in the workplace? A25: Satisfactory Needs revision 27 total views, 2 views today