Describe the financial incentives and quality of care considerations.

Define the concept of globalization of health care and provide an analysis of the benefits and challenges of such an international system. Research current literature on the effectiveness of current efforts, governmental as well as nongovernmental, including major challenges being faced. Do you feel that an effective global health care system is realistic. 150-word APA format and citation

What are the implications of the migration of patients and health care workers across borders? Describe the financial incentives and quality of care considerations. Some would say that the United States provides health care services to needy populations outside of the country while many of its own citizens lack needed health care services. What are your feelings on this issue?150-word APA format and citation

Many of you may know about patients that have been waitlisted of antiviral medications for HIV. We can look at distributive justice from the standpoint of medications provided in other countries compared to the United States. Please conduct current research and share what you learn with us.150-word APA format and citation

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150-word APA format and citation