Describe the key features of a performance appraisal and employee counseling session.

Describe the key features of a performance appraisal and employee counseling session.
Create a performance improvement plan.
Purpose: Health care organizations are very labor intensive, with 60-70% of operating costs attributed to salaries and wages. Therefore it is extremely important to ensure that employees are achieving maximum productivity levels. A good performance appraisal system helps the organization to attract and retain highly qualified employees. When employee performance is not meeting standards, employees need counseling and performance improvement plans to increase employee motivation and productivity. But performance feedback is an area that has much potential for problems, unless it is delivered in a planned and effective way. This unit’s role-play assignment gives students a chance to practice preparing and delivering a performance appraisal that includes counseling and performance improvement components.
Assignment Description: HR Manager Role Play: Delivering a Performance Appraisal with Counseling and Performance Improvement Plan
Imagine that you are the Director of Human Resources for ABC Hospital. You have been receiving complaints from several department managers about one of your recruiters, Mary Smith. It’s time for Mary’s annual performance appraisal, and you know that Mary will need a Performance Improvement Plan.
The managers have various complaints about Mary, some of the issues they mention include:

taking too long to fill open positions,
suggesting candidates that are not well-qualified,
non-responsive to inquiries and has a poor attitude when questioned about status of jobs,
inaccessible because of habitual late arrival.

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