Describe the pathology.

lung cancer
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Paper is on lung cancer. see attachment for instructions.
The pathology report should follow this format with attention to page restrictions:
? Page 1: Title Page in compliance with the APA Manual (6th ed.)
? The Body (in-text citations) will begin on page two of the report:
o Description of Pathology (minimum of 1 page maximum of 2 pages)
1. Describe the pathology.
2. What other names are used for this pathology if applicable?
3. What causes this pathology?
4. How does this pathology affect normal physiology?
o Diagnostic Methods (minimum of 1 page maximum of 2 pages)
1. Specifically describe the medical imaging procedures used to detect the
pathology. While BSRT students are not familiar with the clinical setting
this task is in place to introduce you to the various medical imaging
procedures available to detect pathologic conditions.
2. Using appropriate medical terminology describe what the pathology
looks like on the images. Note: You will include images demonstrating the
Revised 5/8/2015
pathology in the appendix section but you should describe the pathology
in this section. Do not specifically describe the images you include but
rather a general description of what the pathology looks like on any
3. Explain how this pathology may alter the imaging procedures. For
example what needs to be done differently and/or what follow-up
imaging studies need to be performed?
4. Document the communication with the listed medical professional in this
section. This personal communication must be cited in the report but it is
not included on the reference list.
o Treatment and Prognosis (minimum page maximum 1 page)
1. What drugs and treatments are used?
2. How do the drugs and treatments affect this pathology?
? References (1 page 4 scholarly sources)
o The reference list must be in APA format according to the 6th edition APA
o All sources on the reference list must be cited in the report. This congruence
between in-text citations and the reference list is extremely important in
scholarly writing.
? Appendix (maximum 1 page)
o Include two (2) images of this pathology. If possible obtain one radiographic
image (radiography) and one image from a different modality (ultrasound CT
scan MR nuclear medicine etc.). Identify the website and/or URL underneath
the image. is a free educational radiology resource that has a
large collection of images related to radiology.
Review the grading rubric for this assignment