Describe the results of the baseline comparisons in Table

Please answer the following question.Marks include a 20% component for expression (including spelling and grammar), referencing (if used). While references are not required, where you use other authors’ work, this should be appropriately referenced. References and in-text citations must not be included in the word count. (300-400 words)

Part 1 (10 marks)

The following questions relate to a randomised controlled trial to examine the effects of applying a tailored delirium preventive protocol to ICU patients. Participants were

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randomised to an intervention group or to a control group receiving usual care.

Table 1 shows a comparison of baseline characteristics of participants. Chi-square and t-tests were used for comparing the demographics and clinical characteristics between the intervention and the control groups.

Assessment items

In Table 1, the Chi-square test and t-test were used to determine the significance ofdifferences between categorical and numerical variables of two independent groups (theintervention and the control group). Which variables would the Chi-square test havebeen applied to, and which would the t-test have been applied to? [3 marks]

Which of these tests is the parametric statistical test and what are the main assumptionsabout the data being subjected to that test? [4 marks]

Describe the results of the baseline comparisons in Table 1. [3 marks]