What Excel function can be written in cell C2

You will be providing answers to the following questions using cell references from the indicated worksheet image provided.  Questions 1 uses the first worksheet image, questions 2 and 3 do not use any image, and questions 4 through 7 use the second worksheet image.  Note that the first question has four parts to it (a through d).  You will type your final answers in this document.  A sample Excel file called M2HWsample.xlsx is available HERE[1] if you wish to use it to validate your formulas but your final answers need to be put into this Word document for submission. Remember to start all formulas with an equal (=) sign and to always use cell references where possible.  You are to fill in the _________________ with appropriate cell references or range values for each question where asked.

  1. (0-10 pts) What new formula will result if the formula in each case is copied from cell B3 to D6? Explain what changed  and  what  stayed  the  same.  Why?    Use  the  spreadsheet  below  for  (a)  –  (d).    Each  is worth up to  2.5 points.


(a)  = A1+A2

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(b)  = $A$1+A2

(c)  = $A1+A2

(d)  = A$1+A2

  1. (0-5 pts) What error would result if you copied the formula =A1+A2 from cell E7 to cell D9?


  1. (0-5 pts) What formula and error will result in cell B2 if the formula = A1+A2 is copied from cell B3 into cell B2?

Use the spreadsheet below for questions 4-7.  Only use a $ if necessary when copying formulas down or across.

  1. (0-5 pts) What Excel function can be written in cell C2 that can be copied down the column to C3 and C4 to determine the number of candles needed for this child’s birthday cake? You will light one candle per year plus an extra one for good luck.  (Hint: No function is needed here: just a formula a cell reference.)

=___________ + 1

  1. (0-5 pts) What Excel function can be written in cell C5 to determine the total number of candles that will be needed for all of the children? (Hint: Use the SUM() function here with a range.)


  1. (0-5 pts) If you insert a row between Mike and Allison and added another child named Fred who is age 4, and copied the formula in C3 to C4 for Fred, how will that affect the value calculated in question 5 for cell C5 (now C6), the total number of candles? After you add Fred, what is the new function and resulting value in cell C6? (Hint: Use the SUM() function here with a range.)

New value in C6? _______________

  1. (0-5 pts) Write an Excel formula in cell D2 that can be copied down the column to D3, D4, D5 and D6 (assuming Fred has been added) to determine the number of candles being lit for this child as a percent of the total candles being used. (Hint: No function is needed here – just a formula with mixed cell referencing to keep the denominator as C6 for all cells D2, D3, D5, and D6.)

=__________ /_____________

  1. (0-5 pts) In two to three paragraphs of prose (i.e. sentences, not bullet lists) in APA format, summarize the content that was covered this week using the learning outcomes listed at the course for reference. In your summary, you should highlight the major topics, theories, practices, and knowledge that were covered. Your summary should also include personal observations, reflections, and applications. In particular, highlight what surprised, confused, enlightened, or otherwise engaged you. In other words, you should think and write critically not just about what was presented but also what you have learned through the session. Feel free to include questions that you would like answered by your instructor. Do not recap or restate what was covered in the meeting. Tell your instructor things s/he does not know like obstacles you ran into, what you did to overcome the obstacles, any a-ha moments and so on.  Focus on the bolded text above and don’t spend more than 15 minutes on this question.  Quality trumps quantity.



[1] If the M2HWsample.xlsx file does not download upon clicking, then right click on the link HERE and choose save or save as option to save it to your machine.