1. To identify, determine and justify a disciplinary-relevant project, including its aims, scopes and objectives. 2. To self-manage research, including managing the supervisory process. 3. To understand how to identify and synthesise the relevant conceptual and methodological techniques from the degree programme, using a range of sources and data, applying them to them to a particular topic, case or organisation. 4. To show and review the results or the project, including drawing appropriate conclusions and recommendations, and assessing their impacts. 5. To understand the ethical request process and apply it appropriately to the research project. Number of attempts Under the Standard University Assessment Regulations (UAR20) students have two opportunities to be assessed and to pass this module. If a student has not achieved a pass in this module after the resit, no further opportunities are available and the student will be withdrawn from the course. Plagiarism Please read the plagiarism guidelines on your module page. Late Submissions Please read the late submission regulations and penalties on your module page or on your Course page.


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