Discuss briefly one Big Data application that will benefit the selected organisation (not exceeding 150 words). Your description should cover the followings:

Why do health care providers sometimes resist or ignore alerts that occur in the electronic health record (provide at least three reasons). Provide at least one solution to address these issues

alert fatigue in healthcare,

alert fatigue definition,

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alert fatigue pharmacy,

how can alert fatigue be mitigated,

problems with electronic health records,

impact of electronic health record systems on information integrity: quality and safety implications,

how does electronic health records improve patient care,
emr alerts,

SECTION A (Total 80 marks)

Question 1

Based on the organisation of your choice, state the mission and vision of the organisation and list one (1) of its strategic objective. Make sure you name the selected organisation.
(5 marks)

Based on the selected organisation in (a), outline three (3) charts to be placed in a tactical dashboard. Explain how the three charts will help the organisation to monitor whether it has achieved its strategic objective.
(15 marks)

Recommend a dashboard filter that will be useful to the organisation to drill down to some particular aspects of the business that will enable the management to have a better understanding of the status of the strategic objective.
(5 marks)

Using the Generic dataset (generic.xls) provided, construct the dashboard with the proposed charts and filter in (b) and (c). Provide screenshots of the dashboard in your report, and store the Tableau workbook into a single Tableau workbook file with extracted data named “student_number.tbwx”. (Marks for the construction of the dashboard and filter will be awarded in Section B of this paper.)

Variable Description Remarks
CustID ID of the customer
Age Age of the customer
Gender Gender of the customer:
F – Female, M – Male
Marital Status Marital status of the customer
Race Race of the customer
Date Date of Purchase You can change the dates range
Amount Amount they spent
Product Product bought: You can replace P1-P5 with the
P1, P2, P3, P4, P5 products of the organisation that
you have selected. For example,
if the chosen organisation sells
automobile then P1 could be
Toyota, P2 could be Honda etc.
Revenue Revenue that was generated
from the sales.

Discuss the principles that was used to build the dashboard in (c).
(5 marks)Question 2

The organisation that you selected is keen to embark on a data mining project to build a predictive model with the data that they have collected over the past few years to help achieve its strategic objective stated in 1(a). Describe the data mining project based on the CRISP-DM framework. Do not exceed 350 words.
(25 marks)

List the pre-requisites and limitations of data mining so that the management have a better understanding of data mining.
(5 marks)

Question 3

The organisation that you selected had collected free format customer feedbacks over the years and will like to do a text mining project to understand their customers better. Explain in less than 200 words the text mining process.
(10 marks)

Discuss briefly one Big Data application that will benefit the selected organisation (not exceeding 150 words). Your description should cover the followings:
Big Data objective
Big Data application
how the Big Data application will help the organisation achieve the strategic objective in 1(a)
(10 marks)

SECTION B (Total 20 marks)

Submit the Tableau Dashboard. See page 4 for the evaluation criteria.

(20 marks)