Discuss how the variety of perspectives, ideas, opinions and values expressed in this class impacted your experience and what you learned

MoutasimAljuhani The final exam will be submitted on Cougar Courses no later than Wednesday, May 14, 2014 Please answer each prompt thoroughly. Refer to notes, assignments, feedback and self assessments to help you develop complete answers. 1. List 3 things you think the course was designed to teach. What activities and assignments helped teach those? First of all, This class is one of the most important class for many reasons It helps students how to improve in speaking skills such as eye contact in my own experience when I started to speak to my audience I was shying and nervous but overall, I became good speaker . 1- I think this class important because it techs how to be a good speaker 2- Another thing this class helps to the student how to be confident when they are doing the speech 3- Actually it’s great challenge between the speaker and the listener In this class there are many activities such as Magazine activate and notes cards . 2. On the first day of class, the professor used the quote “ The personal is political and the political is personal.” Explain your understanding of the power and impact of public speaking on the personal and political using an example from class discussion, a classmate’s speech or your own presentations. It seems to me everything related to politics so in this case helps at the same time such as there was presentation about drugs by Daniel it’s really persuade me and I agreed with him. I did my speech which is Air pollution and the reason for my speech I’m from Industrial city it called Yanbu there many factories and this is was a big a issue in Saudi Arabia because everyone was effected by air pollution. 3. Explain how one concept from this class applies to contexts outside of the University such as work or volunteer opportunities. Then, provide an example of how you have applied or will apply the concept. Do not discuss a concept that you selected as an answer to a different question. I haven’t applied for any opportunities job or volunteer but in this life everyone has to get an experience with work or anything they would learn a lot stuffs and even if they didn’t succeed to at least they tried. 4. Discuss how the variety of perspectives, ideas, opinions and values expressed in this class impacted your experience and what you learned. I learned how to be a good speaker and feels good when I’m doing the speech even if there was speech went bad I always go back I see what was my mistakes. 5. List 5 pieces of advice you would give students when they enroll in an Oral Communication class. What should they do in order to succeed? 1- They should love the class otherwise they will feel boring class 2- They should be patient 3- They should follow the direction step by step and Focusing with the professor 4- Feel comfortable when they doing their speech 5- they should study a lot and work hard and doing the assignments on the time PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT