Discuss the possible impact of the two policing styles on rates of crime and the reporting of crime

Write a 2000 word essay that compares and contrasts TWO policing styles. Some examples are:
– Community based policing
– Reactive policing
– Problem oriented policing
– Hot-spot policing
– Zero-tolerance policing

The essay should:

• Briefly describe both policing styles

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• Describe in detail the ideas/theories that inform these policing styles
• Identify the relative strengths and weaknesses of the two policing styles
• Discuss the possible impact of the two policing styles on rates of crime and the reporting of crime
• Critically discuss the possible impact of the two policing styles on the relationship between the community and the police
• Provide examples, where possible, that highlight your analysis

The paper should be in essay format and should include a minimum of 10 academic references. Referencing is extremely important to this marker!

Case Study 2: Cushing’s Syndrome

Ms Maureen Smith is a 24 year old female who presented to her GP for ongoing gastrointestinal bleeding, abdominal pain and fatigue which has been worsening and was referred to the local hospital for further investigation. Maureen was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) when she was 15 years old, and has experienced multiple exacerbations of RA which have required the use of high dose corticosteroids. She is currently taking 50mg of prednisolone daily, and has been taking this dose since her last exacerbation 2 months ago. Maureen also has type 2 diabetes which is managed with metformin. She is currently studying nursing at university and works part-time at the local pizza restaurant.

On assessment, Maureen’s vital signs are: PR 88 bpm; RR 18 bpm; BP 154/106 mmHg; Temp 36.9oC: SpO2 99% on room air. She has a body mass index (BMI) of 28kg/m2 and the fat is mainly distributed around her abdominal area, as well as a hump between her shoulders. Maureen’s husband notes that her face has become more round over the past few weeks. Her fasting BGL is 14.0mmol/L. Blood test results show low cortisol and ACTH levels, and high levels of low density lipoprotein cholesterol. She is awaiting a bone mineral density test this afternoon, and is currently collecting urine for a 24-hour cortisol level measurement.