Discuss the role of UML diagrams in modelling and design

This is a paper that is focusing on the student to discuss the role of UML diagrams in modelling and design . The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below is the assessment description to follow:

Discuss the role of UML diagrams in modelling and design

An automated publishing system is to be developed to support publishing of books and further making it available in libraries. The publishing service has a procedure or activities to ensure publication is complete.  The publishing service involves the Author, the reviewer, the editor, the typesetter and the printer. The activities involved are below

An author writes the book chapter by chapter. The Chapter submit to the editorial office where the editor checks the content and forwards it to the appropriate reviewers for reviews. Each chapter is sent out to three subject expert reviewers to review the work. The Reviewers complete their task and provide review report on the chapters. The editor then writes an editorial feedback on the status of the chapters and the author provide a revised version of the chapter.
If the reviewer is ok with the work of the author, the editorial office then sends the work to the typesetters to work on the book and makes a draft copy available to the author for proofreading.

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The Final draft and inputs are send to the editorial office for validation and author feedback. When the editorial office is Ok with the final draft, the book is reset at the typesetting office and the book goes for printing service for production.

Discuss the role of UML diagrams in modelling and design

(a)  Firstly, provide an activity diagram, showing activities of the book production. Critically discuss the role of UML diagrams in modelling and design of information systems with focus on requirements capturing.

The final book from the above with its attributes such as title, author details on the book and book details are in the department of information system’s library. Copies of the books are available for borrowing or reservation at the departmental library’s patrons office. Access these services through faculties and students of the department. The departmental library clerk is responsible for the stocking, check-in and check-out services of the library books. The Departmental library manager has a super role over the clerk and the patron.

(b)  Secondly, provide a use case diagram for the scenario above showing cases of inheritance and relationships. List the use case specifications and explain them. Critically discuss the significance of Object-Oriented Analysis and Design of requirements.

(c)  Thirdly, provide a sequence diagram for the library process and explain the flow of method calls within the system.

(d)  Fourthly, provide a class diagram based and explain it. Discuss the essence of using class diagrams and provide relevant justifications

(e)  Lastly, critically discuss 2 advantages that CASE offer for systems development process models.


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