Discussion 4: Chemical Reactions


This week we are looking at chemical reactions. For our second discussion this week you will choose a reaction and describe it.

You must include:

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  1. Reaction itself, balanced correctly.
  2. Type of reaction (acid/base, decomposition, combustion etc). Note any components that are reduced or oxidized
  3. Is it endothermic or exothermic and the conditions that make the reaction spontaneous. Some reactions are only spontaneous at high pressure, in space, under low oxygen concentrations
  4. Reaction rate information. Is it fast, slow and what might affect the rate?
  5. Explain any interesting features of your chosen reaction, Why is it cool or interesting to you?

Your post must be a minimum of 300 words but can be longer if you need more space to explain all 5 points completely. Make sure to not repeat a reaction already described by your classmate.


Discussion 3 – Atoms


Welcome to chemistry!

Chemistry is called the central science because it provides a bridge from the math and forces or physics that tend to have exact numbers and predictable phenomena with the complex conceptual world of biology.

This week’s first discussion will focus on chemical elements, the smallest building blocks of everything that contain unique properties.

For your initial post, choose an element with atomic number greater than 20. In a minimum of two paragraphs explain how this element plays a major role in human society.

The first paragraph should contain the physical properties of the element, including weight, # of protons, electrons & neutrons and other important elemental stats.

The second paragraph should focus on what applications the element has in society.

Each element can only be used once, so check to make sure it hasn’t been claimed before your write your post. (Iron and Titanium (Ti) have been used)