Discuss the social gradient. Provide an example of how the social gradient persists within and between communities

HSH207 T2 2016
Socio-Economic Status & Health.
Assessment Task 1 Short Answer Questions

500 words PER QUESTION (2000 words in total) 40%

This assessment requires students to discuss a concept that we have covered in HSH207 and provide an example of this drawing on current and relevant literature.
Questions areDiscuss health inequality and health inequity. Provide an example of how the neomaterial hypothesis and the psychosocial hypothesis provide different explanations for health inequities.
Discuss the social gradient. Provide an example of how the social gradient persists within and between communities.Describe Dahlgrens or Turrells model and provide an example of how the model can be used to identify SES factors that influence the health of young Australians.Discuss absolute and relative poverty. Provide an example of who is currently most at risk of living in poverty in Australia.
What do I have to do?
Answer all four questions which requires you to discuss a concept and then provide an example to extend on this and show your understanding. Both the concept and example need to be supported by current and relevant literature. The questions should be completed as one document.
Should I use subheadings?
This is up to you if you find you structure your work better with subheadings then please use them. If you believe you can write this piece without subheadings please ensure you use appropriate paragraphs.
What do I need to include in my answer?Introduction
Discussion of the concept
Provide an example as stated in the question
Reference list (your list should be at the end of each question).How long is each question?
You need to answer each question in 500 words a total of 2000 words (+/-10%).
When is it due?
This assignment is due Monday 8th August at 6:59 pm
Do I need to reference?
Yes using appropriate sources and referencing is part of the assignment and you will get marked on this. It is really important that you are drawing from a range of sources including journals books reports and government websites (lecture notes are NOT an appropriate source). For each question you should use at least 3 references to support your discussion of the concept and example. For this assignment you need to use Harvard referencing. In-text citations are included in your word count your reference lists are not.
What should my example be?
It is up to you what example you use to show your understanding of the concept. The example needs to be supported with evidence/literature so use this to help find/show an example. The example is showing your understanding of the concept so make sure the example you discuss reflects this.
What are the presentation requirements?
All assignments should be 12 point font and 1.5 spaced with the default page margins. Assignments also need to include the word count and page numbers. This will be marked under the writing and referencing criteria.
Where do I submit?
All students submit on-line via Cloud Deakin.
How will I be marked?
There will be a marking rubric put on Cloud Deakin.

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