Discuss three behaviors you plan to work

Academic “Blog” about historical figure Lillie Devereaux Blake as she relates to First Wave feminism. 8 sources total. All had to be pre-approved. One source of research material I do not have a soft copy of: book,
Lillie Devereux Blake: Retracing a Life Erased
Farrell, Grace.
The following research materials will be provided :1 Primary source,1 scholarly essay from an academic journal,1 additional biographical source (WEBPAGE PENDING APPROVAL. WILL ADD LINK ASAP).
I also will provide several primary sources from contemporary figures Susan B. Anthony & Elizabeth Cady Stanton to use to compare/contrast in critique.
Each “post” should be 2-4 paragraphs long.
1. Provide a background discussion of Lillie Devereaux Blake and explain why interested in the subject. Make 2 posts.
2. Discuss what sources say/write about the subject using direct quotation and paraphrasing. Make 8 posts. (2 posts for each source.)
3. Provide your critical analysis of the information from your sources by following the instructions in the file entitled: Guidelines for Criticism. The Additional sources from Cady & Anthony may be used in this part. Make 3 posts.
4. Discuss how your subject is important to history and/or contemporary life. 1-2 posts.
5. Citations: APA. does not count towards minimum # of posts. Include all research sources & pictures.

Overview: The Principle of Behavior

Our successes and our failures are often directly related to our behaviors. In management, it is often possible to predict the longevity of a manager by his/her command of leadership behaviors. This section of the book illustrates this, and, hopefully, you will think of these behaviors for many years to come.

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This assignment is worth 15 points.


Examine dynamics of interpersonal and organizational communication that affect implementation of the collaborative nursing
Identify characteristics of an effective change
Identify the leadership style that would be best for


Before completing this assignment, read the third section (pages 125-233) of Covey’s The Speed of Trust.

In this assignment, you will write a short (1-2 pages), opinion paper. The paper is to be based on your own experiences and opinions. You should critically reflect on your personal experiences and apply what you have learned in the module to your current practice. Justify and explain your responses with examples and thorough explanations.

Consider a manager in your current or previous job to discuss the following:

Discuss three of the behaviors that this person has
Discuss three of the behaviors in which this person falls Reflect on your own leadership ability and discuss the following:
Discuss three of the behaviors that you have
Discuss three behaviors you plan to work
Grading Rubric
Use this rubric to guide your work on your Discussion Tasks:

Tasks Accomplished Proficient NeedsImprovement NotAcceptable
TheSpeedof Trust Part 3 Quality paper, with thorough content and minimal grammar or spelling errors. Good paper, but a few omissions in content or more than 2 errors in spelling or grammar Fair to poor paper, difficult to follow or lacking in pertinent content, or many spelling or grammar errors Very poor paper, very late paper, or no paper at all.
15Points 15 14-12 11-8 7-0