1. You must choose THREE of the questions listed below to answer/discuss. Read through the fourteen choices below and make your decision.
  2. Create your response to the assignment questions.
  3. This week’s discussion should be well-written in your own words, paraphrasing from your sources. You must also cite at least one credible academic reference source in text and provide full end ref information in APA format.

choose three of the questions below to address:

  • Question 1:Explain what the amplitude, frequency, and wavelength of a wave are.
  • Question 2:If you were actually in a battle fought in space like the ones shown in science fiction movies, would you hear the explosions that occur? Why or why not?
  • Question 3:A person riding on a bus hears the sound from a horn on a car that is stopped. What is different about the sound when the bus is approaching the car compared to when the bus is moving away from the car?
  • Question 4:Describe how sound is produced in string instruments. Why does tightening a string change the frequency of the sound it makes?
  • Question 5:What is ultrasound and what is it used for?
  • Question 6:Explain the process of echolocation. How is the Doppler Effect sometimes incorporated?It’s very important for Ultrasound Majors to understand this concept!
  • Question 7:What is a positive ion? A negative ion?
  • Question 8:According to Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation any two masses exert an attractive force on one another. According to Coulomb’s Law any two electric charges exert an attractive or repulsive force on one another. Describe the similarities and differences between the gravitational force and the electrostatic force.
  • Question 9:At one moment during a storm, the electric field between two clouds is directed toward the east. What is the direction of the force on any electron in this region? What is the direction of the force on a positive ion in this region?
  • Question 10:Materials can be classified into four categories based on the ease with which electric current (electrostatic charges) can flow through them. Give the names of these categories and describe each one.
  • Question 11:Explain what current, resistance, and voltage are.
  • Question 12:There are two basic schemes for connecting more than one electrical device in a circuit. Name, describe, and give the advantages of each.
  • Question 13:What is the purpose of having fuses or circuit breakers in electric circuits? How should they be connected in circuits so they will be effective?

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