Diversity and Discrimination



Understand and analyze the legal consequences of discriminatory conduct and the role of the EEOC

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Assignment Overview

In this case study and writing assignment, you argue whether the EEOC should proceed to file a discrimination lawsuit against a manufacturer for gender discrimination


PLEASE READ THE COURSE SYLLABUS SECTION CONCERNING ASSIGNMENTS AND THE GRADING RUBRIC BELOW TO MAXIMIZE POINTS. Submit ONE, two-to-three page (minimum 250 word), double spaced, Word document in Times New Roman, font size 12. Please make sure your response complies with the MLA format. See owl.purdue.edu. Please review the Student Writing Guide and Plagiarism presentation within the same Module as this assignment. If

you are uncertain concerning the proper method for using quotation marks or citing sources, please

review these USF Library tutorials. guides.lib.usf.edu/c.php?g=451607&p=4980659

Step 1 Research

Closely review the discrimination laws in Chapter 30 of your textbook paying particular attention to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the gender discrimination discussion and do any additional research you believe necessary.

Step 2 Assume and Analyze these Facts

AB Pneumatics, Inc. manufactures hydraulic ram systems for motor vehicle lifts with 100 employees in a facility consisting of two buildings and a parking lot. The buildings are an older, small, administrative office and a large manufacturing plant. The older administrative building houses four male managers and six female clerical employees and contains separate bathrooms for male and female employees. The new manufacturing plant was built six months ago and has 80 male and 10 female employees working there. Plant employees receive two, ten minute work breaks and one 45 minute lunch break per shift. However, the new plant has only one bathroom for male employees only. Female plant employees on break are required to leave the plant facility and walk across an open parking lot to the older administrative building to use the female bathroom located there.

Step 3 Write a Legal Argument

Assume you are a junior attorney working for the EEOC. In a minimum 250-word (double spaced Word document) original paper, summarize the results of your analysis of the facts and law and give your reasoned opinion to your supervisor whether the EEOC should file a lawsuit for gender discrimination against the company and what remedies or relief the EEOC should seek.



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