Does the End Justify the Means – YouTube

(1) Does the End Justify the Means – YouTube

In this video you will learn about Utilitarianism.

List all the facts (#s and pro & cons arguments) about the Bakum Dam project.

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Apply Utilitarianism to determine the rightness or wrongness of this project.

Is it right to construct this dam? Why?

discussion 2

Watch this video on body language and how to speak with an accent. Write about how you can use it to deliver your speech. Include page numbers.

 Gestures and Body Language If not used properly, gestures and body language can be distracting and detract from the message of your speech. Learn to hone your speaking skills by channeling nervous energy into purposeful

 THE FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING – I HATE MY ACCENTTHE FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING – I HATE MY ACCENT / I can’t count the times someone has told me they hate their accent. In this video I explain why, and how, you need to get rid of those unhelpful thoughts. I talk you through the process on accepting how you sound, and using it to your advantage. We are all unique, and that’s a wonderful thing! If …