dolphin therapy for autism spectrum disorder.

The topic is on dolphin therapy for autism spectrum disorder.
The paper must be written in APA format (cover page and references do NOT count as part of the page limit, and students must use 12-point Times New Roman font. You may use the textbook as a source, but it is encouraged that you also include primary sources (for example, journal articles). The manuscript should be prepared according to the APA manual guidelines and reflect critical thinking skills and writing ability. Writing clarity, organization, and successful integration of the literature are considered when determining full credit for the research paper.
This will be evaluated using the following criteria (a-e):
(a) Appropriateness of the literature (for example, incorporating concepts from discussion and textbook). A thorough review of the literature on the topic must be conducted. AT LEAST 5 peer review articles, journals, texts should be used. Research should not be more than 10 years old.
(b) Emphasis and elaboration of the topic (for example, analysis of issues, comparison, or reflection) selected and integration of the research literature reviewed, as well as applying and integrating at least 5 concepts covered in the course into the topic.
(c) Consideration of how the topic applies to culturally and linguistically diverse students. Address how cultural factors (for example, ethnicity, age, gender, language, family background/values) play a role in this topic, and/or how do teachers/practitioners become culturally responsive to address this topic?
(d) Provide examples in applied settings and “bridge the gap” between theory and application in educational/learning settings).
(e) Written in correct APA format: Cover page with running head, correct use of in-text citations (at least 5), APA style reference page, double spaced, and use of 12-point Times New Roman Font.