Domestic or foreign policy problem

1)Pick a domestic or foreign policy problem. Provide the background and the details of this issue as well as the main challenges involved therein. Explain the existing policies that have targeted this issue and give an account of how these policies have solved or have failed to solve the problem. Suggest alternative policy options that could potentially solve this problem, along with their pros and cons. Make your case for one policy option. (350+ words)

2)After studying the U.S. government along with other advanced industrial countries in the world, do you think the U.S. has a “big government”? Why or why not? Is there a functional welfare state in the U.S. that can provide for the less fortunate citizens with equal opportunity and minimum standards of welfare? Make your case depending on whether your answer is yes or no by giving examples from different policy areas: health care, unemployment, poverty, environment, and education. (350+ words)


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