Due March 8/15

INFM 258
Reading Summary + Quiz
Individual, Pair, or Group of 3
Due: March 8/15
Slide 10 marks / 15%
Quiz: 6 marks / 5%
Objectives of the Assignment: On completion of this assignment you will have:

Read an article related to library, information, and/or systems technology.
Prepared and shared a summary slide of the article.
Provided a quiz question and completed a Readings Quiz.

Sign up for a scheduled topic/reading. You may choose to work individually, as a pair, or a group of 3. See Blackboard’s Assignment folder for a link to the readings/sign up sheet. Deadline to sign up is Jan. 12 (Lisa will assign you a topic after this date). If you don’t like the assigned article, feel free to find your own and email Lisa to get approval.
You (or your pair, your group of 3) will post one Reading summary slide of the article to the appropriate Discussion Board Forum (as a PDF file upload with the APA citation from the sign up sheet as the text, see Lisa’s example) and b) email Lisa a quiz question (multiple choice or true/false, including an indication of the answer). The quiz question could be answered by reading your summary slide. Lisa will collate all the questions, and release a quiz on March 8 for you to complete as the learning content for week 10 (due midnight, March 15).
Clearly indicate your name and group members’ names (if working with others) on your slide and in the email you send with the quiz question.
All readings for the term are linked on the sign up sheet. You may wish to do a basic “read for understanding skim” (not a deep memorizing read) of each reading prior to March 8. You will need to review all summary slides to complete the quiz.
There may be more than one submission per topic. In that case, Lisa will choose only one quiz question to represent the topic.
Ensure you access the lecture content from the first day of class: Lisa will demonstrate the purpose behind the design of the summary slide, and has uploaded it appropriately to the discussion forum as an example.

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Mobile Technology
Marking Rubric:

Slide (15%):
/5             Appropriate representation of the article using clear/easy to understand language
/1             Visually appealing
/1             Logical, organized
/1             Slide includes all elements, including APA citation
/1             Uploaded appropriately to discussion forum
/1             Appropriate and clear quiz question (multiple choice, true/false)
Quiz (5%):
/6             Each question worth 0.5 marks


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